Drawing Organization Chart Using VIVO

This is a presentation I gave at the First Annual VIVO Conference in NYC. I created a crawler that traverses the linked data available at http://vivo.ufl.edu to generate graphs of the academic organization structure. I start at http://vivo.ufl.edu/individual/UniversityOfFlorida and recursively crawl all core#subOrganization links.

I output a variety of graph formats to use with GraphViz, Network Workbench, and Javascript Visualization Toolkit.

The code for the crawler is available at: http://github.com/arockwell/vivo_org_chart.

Drawning Organization Charts Using VIVO

This is the best non-interactive graph I've created so far. This graph consistes of all colleges, departments, centers, and institutes.

This is the same graph with labels drawn on.

The biggest problem with adding labels to the graph is the labels are so long (20-30+ characters). I created an interactive version at: http://qa.vivo.ufl.edu/infovis/demo.html

This graph consists of only Colleges and Departments (about ~150 ondes). However, seeing the labels is still difficult in spots. Particularly around the bigger clusters, College of Medicine and College of Liberal arts and Sciecnes.